White Jade Mushroom (200g/pack)白玉菇


1 pack 150g+/-


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Nutritional value White jade mushroom contains higher protein than ordinary vegetables, the ratio of essential amino acids is appropriate, and there are many trace elements and other essential substances for the human body. In order to play a good health care effect, it should be eaten for a long time. It is rich in nutrients and contains a lot of polysaccharides and various vitamins. It can improve the body’s metabolism and reduce cholesterol content. White mushroom belongs to the order Agaricomycetes, Tricholomaceae, and White mushroom genus. It is a rare edible fungus and is known as the “golden branches and jade leaves” of edible fungi. The whole body is white and crystal clear; it is superior in taste performance. The mushroom body is crispy, tender and smooth, sweet and delicious. It is a delicious delicacy with great taste.

营养价值 白玉菇含蛋白质较一般蔬菜为高,必需氨基酸比例合适,还有多种微量元素等人体必需物质,为起到良好的保健作用应长期食用。营养丰富含有大量多糖和各种维生素,经常实用会改善人体的新陈代谢,降低胆固醇含量。白玉菇属于伞菌目、口蘑科、白蘑属,是一种珍稀食用菌,被誉为食用菌中的“金枝玉叶”。通体洁白,晶莹剔透;在口感表现上更为优越,菇体脆嫩鲜滑,清甜可口,是极具品味的美味佳肴



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